Have you been experiencing pain at the base of your thumb, and worse when gripping, turning on taps or doing up buttons or doing simple hobbies and activities such as holding a screw or knitting? 

You may have been told that it is arthritis or rheumatism and that you just have to put up with it.  But did you know that this is a very common condition and one that is easily treated? 

Pain at the base of thumb more often relates to carpometacarpal arthritis also known as CMC arthritis.  Other causes relate to scapho-trapezial trapezoid arthritis STT.  Either condition is arthritis developing around the small bone in the wrist which communicates with the base of the thumb called the trapezium. 

This condition is quite common and occurs more commonly in the 50to 70 year old age group and is an arthritic condition (wearing out). There are good options which range from simple measures such as hand therapy to steroid injections and then finally surgery.

For more information please read our webpage on hand and wrist arthritis

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