Post operative instructions for Carpal Tunnel Release

Carpal Tunnel

Elevate your arm above your heart as much as possible for the first 5 days (a sling does not provide enough elevation). Your arm should be near your ear which is easier when resting your elbow on the window pane in the car or on the back of your couch. When you are lying flat this can be achieved by resting your arm on pillows on your chest.

The wool and bandage dressing should be removed after 24 hours leaving the underlying sticking dressing intact. This is to be kept dry for 5 days. If your bandage gets wet – please place a new dressing on the wound. These can be purchased from any Chemist.  On the 5th day, the dressing can be removed if you wish and sutures can be left exposed. 

The sutures should be removed approximately 8-9 days after surgery at the postoperative appointment.

You will be given a follow up appointment upon discharge from surgery. If you have not been given this, please contact the rooms on 8376 9988.

You should attempt to move your fingers (as pain allows) as soon as possible.

Usually pain improves on a daily basis but you should rest at home and slowly do more each day.

If you have any concerns such as swelling, redness, increased warmth of the operation site, excessive discharge from the wound or you have a temperature or generally feel unwell, please contact Dr Nimon immediately on 8376 9988.