Knee treatment options

At Glenelg Orthopaedics we aim to provide the highest quality treatment for Knee Surgery. Dr Nimon has years of experience of knee surgery. Having completed his training, Dr Nimon initially undertook a lower limb arthroplasty in Edinburgh, Scotland. Here he was exposed to many arthroscopic and knee replacement procedures and had opportunity to visit Centres of Excellence around the United Kingdom, attending numerous areas of expertise.  He has maintained this work in both private and public employment and continues to undertake knee arthroscopic surgery including debridements, partial meniscectomies and biopsies as well as total knee replacements.


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Knee Surgery

Dr Gavin Nimon has extensive  experience in knee surgery including arthroscopies for meniscal tears and knee replacements. His aim is to focus on protection of the soft tissues and neurovascular structures and balancing the joint. He believes that this has important implications for pain relief, mobilisation of the joint and early recovery.

Gavin also believes it is vitally important to provide a holistic approach to knee surgery, both prior to surgery and for post-operative care. Working with a team approach and incorpororating  physiotherapy and analgesics and encouraging motion, our aim is for a return to normal activities as soon as possible.

What is required for a referral to Dr Nimon?

Medicare legislation requires a General Practitioner referral. However, we would normally recommend a set of x-rays of the knee. Often the advice is given to the patient that x-rays are not required as I will recommend an MRI but MRI may not be required in some cases such as when severe arthritis is identified on plain x-rays or if there is an obvious fragment of bone caught in the joint. In this situation, the x-rays give enough information to be able to provide advice.

Consequently, we are available to provide advice and treatment on knee injuries, sporting and development of pain, arthritis and can provide arthroscopic knee surgery and total knee replacement.

Knee Treatment

Knee Arthroscopy

The introduction of arthroscopy in 1980’s revolutionised the treatment of many conditions, including meniscal tears.

Knee Replacement

Arthritis of the knee (Osteo or Rheumatoid) can be debilitating, with pain and stiffness affecting quality of life. Knee replacements can improve quality of life significantly.

Baker's Cysts

A common referral to Dr Nimon is for a patient who has a Baker’s Cyst, noted as a lump behind the knee. It’s a sign of issues elsewhere.

Post-Op Information

Can’t find that information sheet Dr Nimon gave you on discharge, Here are copies for you:-