Baker’s Cysts


What is a Baker’s Cyst? Is this another type of ganglion?

A Baker’s Cyst is a collection of fluid that develops from the knee joint and is often associated either with torn cartilage in the knee (meniscus) or arthritis in the knee. When the fluid presents at the front of the knee it is known as swelling. If it presents at the back of the knee it is known as a Baker’s cyst.

A Baker’s cyst is a mostly superficial issue. Excising the Baker’s cyst does not fix the underlying problem, and may result in continued leakage through the skin. The Baker’s cyst is also close to the major neurological structures near the knee. Purely excising a Baker’s cyst does not produce any benefit and can have some significant side effects.

A Baker’s cyst is commonly associated with degeneration of the knee, and the treatment is to treat the degeneration either by an arthroscopic debridement of the torn cartilage or in the case of an arthritic knee, if the symptoms warrant it, a total knee replacement.

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