Adelaide Shoulder Surgeon

 Dr Gavin Nimon

Specialist Shoulder Surgeon with over 23 years of experience

Dr Gavin Nimon is an Adelaide Shoulder Surgeon with over 23 years of experience in treating shoulder conditions. He focuses on both Quality and Personalised Shoulder treatment.

Dr Gavin Nimon is Head of Shoulder Surgery at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and teaches Orthopaedic trainees in Shoulder surgery. After completing training in Adelaide, he worked in the United Kingdom (Scotland) for 5 years holding the position of Shoulder and Upper limb surgeon in the NHS. During this time he underwent further training in Milan, and other sites around Europe and the UK, and is actively involved in research.

Shoulder Conditions

The shoulder conditions can be divided into traumatic injuries (Breaks, Dislocations and Infections) or elective conditions.

The most common elective conditions are those that involve the rotator cuff. While traditionally this predominantly involves bursitis and tendinopathy (with minor partial tears of the rotator cuff) progressing to full rotator cuff tears, Dr Nimon likes to consider labral tears and bicep injuries in this group as well as AC joint arthritis.

This is because these injuries can look similar with pain on motion, as well as the fact that these conditions are treated with an arthroscopy (key hole or minimally invasive surgery).

Arthritis (requiring a shoulder replacement) is a relatively common cause of shoulder pain and is often associated with reduced motion (stiffness). There are 2 main types:

  1. Primary – which can be treated with an anatomical shoulder replacement.
  2. Rotator cuff arthropathy (where there is a large tear of the rotator cuff leading to arthritis) and this is treated with a reverse total shoulder replacement.

The final common cause of shoulder pain and stiffness is frozen shoulder, which can lead to severe pain but is often self limiting.

Referred pain from the neck is always a trap for the assessor, as this can cause shoulder pain but is actually arising from neck issues. Dr Nimon is always vigilant for this, and often will start by checking the neck in his assessment.

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Facing Shoulder Pain? Let’s Navigate Your Path to Recovery Together

Are you struggling with shoulder pain, stiffness, or injury?

You’re not alone. Shoulder pain can significantly impact your life, making everyday tasks challenging and diminishing your quality of life. We believe that it’s important to address these concerns with care tailored to your unique needs. That’s where a dedicated approach to shoulder health comes into play, focusing on you and your journey to recovery.

Your Partner in Shoulder Health – Understanding Your Needs

With over two decades of experience , Dr Gavin Nimon’s focus is on providing you with Quality Care for all shoulder conditions.

Whether you’re dealing with the aftermath of an injury or the persistent ache of arthritis, his approach is centred around you. As a highly experienced Shoulder Surgeon, he specialises in a range of treatments from minimally invasive techniques to comprehensive surgical solutions, all aimed at restoring your shoulder’s function and reducing pain.

Addressing a Range of Shoulder Conditions

We offer expert care for various types of shoulder conditions. These include rotator cuff injuries, which often result from repeated overhead activities or age-related wear and tear. Labral conditions are another area of our expertise, addressing injuries to the ring of cartilage (labrum) that surrounds the shoulder socket.

He also specialises in the treatment of arthritis in the shoulder, a degenerative condition that can cause significant pain and limited mobility.

In addition, we provide care for traumatic injuries such as fractures and dislocations, which can result from falls, accidents, or high-impact sports. These conditions can be complex and require specialist knowledge and skills to give the best chance for optimal recovery.

Our goal is to provide you with Quality and Personalised Shoulder Care, addressing the full spectrum of shoulder conditions to improve your quality of life.

What Shoulder Surgery Can Be Done ?

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At Glenelg Orthopaedics we have over 23 years of experience with shoulder surgery and offer shoulder reconstruction procedures which in 95% of the cases are undertaken through a totally arthroscopic approach (keyhole).

Arthroscopic (Key hole Shoulder Surgery)

This involves the use of several 1 centimetre incisions around the shoulder (minimally invasive keyhole surgery) through which we can then undertake:

A totally arthroscopic approach leads to less pain and also protects the deltoid muscle surrounding the shoulder.

Arthroscopic surgery involves an overnight stay in hospital and the procedure can be undertaken at Glenelg Community Hospital, Flinders Private Hospital or Ashford Hospital..

Open Procedures

We also perform Total Shoulder Replacements, both anatomic (conventional) or reverse, and Latarjet procedures.

We have extensive experience with these procedures and perform them regularly at Ashford, Flinders Private Hospital or Glenelg Community Hospitals. It is undertaken for arthritis of the shoulder, rotator cuff tears that are irrepairable or for fractures. As the lead shoulder clinician at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Dr Nimon performs a large number both in private and public hospitals each year.

Breaks and Dislocations

Injuries to Shoulders are very common, particularly in sports: Injuries include:

Rotator Cuff

The Rotator Cuff comprises the 4 muscles that encircle the shoulder under the deltoid, joined by the long head of biceps tendon which attaches to the labrum. Issues can occur with any of these:


Arthritis can affect any part of the body and the Shoulder is no exception. Shoulder replacements are a very common procedure undertaken by Dr Gavin Nimon. There are 2 main types: Anatomic and Reverse.

Frozen Shoulder

A common cause of pain with developing stiffness is frozen shoulder. More commonly associated with diabetes, it can occur in anyone.

Referred Pain from Neck

Often a surprise to the patient, not all shoulder pain comes from the shoulder. Referred pain from the neck is not uncommon, and Dr Nimon is always vigilant to exclude this as a cause.

Can Rotator Cuff tears be repaired key-hole?

A common question asked to Dr Nimon is “Can a tear of the rotator cuff be repaired arthroscopically?” The answer is yes. Dr Nimon has extensive experience in this and has trained many of the other doctors in Adelaide in this technique.

Common Questions after Surgery

There are many questions that may arise after surgery. Some of these are:-

Post-Operatve Information

Can’t find that information sheet Dr Nimon gave you on discharge, here are copies for you:-