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Shoulder Surgery 

What is possible?

Shoulder Surgery

What procedures does Dr Gavin Nimon perform?

The shoulder is one of the most used joints in the body, and is highly susceptible to injuries through sports and/or wear and tear. Therefore,  some people may undergo shoulder surgery during their lifetime.

One of the most common operations performed by Dr Gavin Nimon is arthroscopic shoulder surgery. Arthroscopy is another term for key hole or minimally invasive surgery, and is a type of surgery that Dr Gavin Nimon has performed for over 20 years.

Dr Nimon has extensive experience using  arthroscopy to perform:-

The last 2 are known as reconstructions.

What do we mean when we talk about “arthroscopic” shoulder surgery?

Arthroscopy of the shoulder involves the use of a tiny camera to thoroughly investigate the joint and tendons. The surgery, commonly referred to as keyhole surgery, is then undertaken to inspect the joint from the inside and repair any damaged tissue witgh the advantage that it results in minimal scarring at the incision.

Procedures and recovery involving the Rotator Cuff

Complete ruptures of the rotator cuff usually require surgery which involves stitching the torn tendon back onto the humerus (the arm bone located between the elbow and the shoulder). During the procedure, any subacromial spurs, arthritic Acromial Clavicular joints (ac joints) or extra bone formations can also be cleaned out (debrided).

Open Stabilisations or Shoulder Replacements

Dr Nimon also performs open surgery, when required.

One situation is for instability of the shoulder when it is so unstable from bone damage, that it requires  a bone transfer, known as a Laterjet procedure, and is used more commonly in injuries sustained from high impact sports such as Australian Rules football.

A total shoulder replacement is undertaken in the case of significant arthritis of the gleno-humeral joint (shoulder joint) or after proximal humeral fractures ( severe  breaks of the shoulder after injury)

Dr Gavin Nimon – Shoulder Surgeon

Providing Quality Orthopaedic Care

Dr Nimon is a specialist shoulder surgeon and head of Shoulder Surgery at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. His goal is to concentrate on providing a quality service, and at a consultation, he will discuss the pros and cons of shoulder surgery with you, and will answer all of your questions about any shoulder surgery you may be considering, discussing your options and the expected outcomes.

To organise a consultation, call our office on (08) 8376 9988.