Attention Physiotherapist: –

Could you please treat this patient who has recently undergone an arthroscopic rotator cuff repair?

Our regime is that:

Immediate Post-op

Elbow, hand range of motion (ROM), neck exercises and scapular stabilization regimes.

6 Weeks Post-op: (if small tear this may start at 4 weeks if directed by myself)

Sling should be removed and passive assisted active motion can be commenced with passive assisted flexion, extension, abduction and external rotation (Pulleys, Broomsticks, hydrotherapy).

10 Weeks Post-op:

Should have full motion then isometric rotator cuff strengthening with theraband. 

Not lifting or pushing greater than 5 kgs and slowly increase to 12 kgs at the 6 month period following surgery.

6 Months Post-op:

Unrestricted activities.

Thank you for your help

Gavin Nimon

Provider Number:  095025FF