Benefits of Knee Surgery

What are the benefits of having knee surgery in Adelaide?

At Glenelg Orthopaedics we aim to provide the highest quality treatment for Knee Surgery. Dr Nimon has years of experience of knee surgery. Having completed his training, Dr Nimon initially undertook a lower limb arthroplasty senior registrar position at the prestigious Princess Margaret Rose Hospital in Edinburgh, Scotland. Here he was exposed to many arthroscopic and knee replacement procedures and had opportunity to visit Centres of Excellence around the United Kingdom, attending numerous lower limb courses on these procedures.  He has maintained this work in both private and public employment and continues to undertake knee arthroscopic surgery including debridements, partial meniscectomies and biopsies as well as total knee replacements

Dr Nimon has extensive upper limb experience which involves protection of the soft tissues and neurovascular structures. This technique is also utilised in his lower limb surgical procedures and as such, Dr Nimon takes particular emphasise on protecting the soft tissues during lower limb procedures. We believe this has important implications for pain relief, mobilisation of the joint and early recovery.

We also believe it is vitally important to provide a holistic approach to knee surgery and whilst we are aware of an increasing emphasis on early surgery, it is our experience that the vast majority of knee procedures do not need to be rushed into, as often the diagnosis of osteoarthritis or meniscal tears may be incidental and a knee injury will often settle with simple measures. As such, it is our aim to opt to provide a holistic approach and assess the patient, try simple measures such as physiotherapy and analgesics and if not improving, then consider investigations, with the aim of undertaking surgery. That does not mean that we can not offer urgent surgery if required and for those cases that require such, this can be accommodated.

What is required for a referral to Dr Nimon?

Medicare legislation requires a General Practitioner referral. However, we would normally recommend a set of x-rays of the knee. Often the advice is given to the patient that x-rays are not required as I will recommend an MRI but MRI may not be required in some cases such as when severe arthritis is identified on plain x-rays or if there is an obvious fragment of bone caught in the joint. In this situation, the x-rays give enough information to be able to provide advice. Consequently, we are available to provide advice and treatment on knee injuries, sporting and development of pain, arthritis and can provide arthroscopic knee surgery and total knee replacement and in most cases, with no out of pocket expenses for surgical procedures (no gap payments required).