Aussie Med Ed – The Australian Medical Education Podcast

Dr Gavin Nimon has produced a podcast series, with the aim not only to educate junior doctors and other health professionals, but to capture the feeling of being in a tearoom or theatre and chatting about various medical specialties

During the Covid lock down in 2020, I realised that despite Associate Professor Peter Smitham and myself co-ordinating a transition to online learning , and commencing regular tuition, that medical students would miss out on the general banter and chat around the hospital which is an important part of learning. I felt that a podcast series with that as a premise, might be a way of replicating this. Over the period since then I have produced the following episodes.

In this episode Dr Gavin Nimon ( Orthopaedic Surgeon ) interviews Professor Gerry O’Callaghan, Executive Director Medical Services ( Central Adelaide Local Health Care network) about what goes into a public hospital network. It’s particularly useful for those about to start employment in such but for everyone in general as we will all be exposed to a public hospital at some stage.
Dr Gavin Nimon (Orthopaedic Surgeon) interviews Professor Hubertus Jersmann (Respiratory Physician) about lung cancer. This is a topic that is relevant for both patients and healthcare professionals. Lung cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, and In this episode, we will discuss everything from symptoms to treatment options. 
In this episode Dr Gavin Nimon (Orthopaedic Surgeon) interviews Dr Stephen Bacchi and Dr Josh Kovoor, 2 doctors who utilise Machine Learning in their research, about its use and role for the future.
In this episode Dr Gavin Nimon (Orthopaedic Surgeon) interviews Professor Sepehr Shakib (Clinical Pharmacologist , and Chair of Drug and Therapeutics Committee at  the Royal Adelaide Hospital) about the latest innovations in medications and his approach to prescribing and  treating patients.  Learn about what a clinical pharmacologist’s role is and the various duties they perform.
In this episode Dr Gavin Nimon (Orthopaedic Surgeon) interviews Dr Emily Meyer (Consultant Endocrinologist) about the assessment and management of Diabetes, a disease that affects 5% of the population and is increasing in incidence.

Dr Meyer outlines the varied options of management, and the latest developments.
In this episode, Dr Gavin Nimon ( Orthopaedic Surgeon Adelaide) interviews  Respiratory Physician Dr Jonathon Polasek ( Head of Respiratory at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital) about the current thoughts regarding the cause, and the investigation and treatment of this prevalent condition which is still responsible for over 300 deaths a year in Australia.
In this episode, Dr Gavin Nimon ( Orthopaedic Surgeon) interviews Dr Shaun Fowler (Radiologist Fowler Simmons radiology) and Yue Huang 6th ( final year) medical student regarding an approach to reviewing X-Ray imaging for the medical student. Reference is made to a set of 4 X-Rays found at 
In this new episode, Dr Gavin Nimon (Orthopaedic Surgeon Adelaide) interviews Associate Professor Peter Smitham  on his approach to the management of a lower limb traumatic case, a woman who has been it by a car and sustained a compound tibia fracture and pelvic injury.
This is particularly useful for those preparing for exams and Osce cases, but also of interest to all involved in the medical field.
In this episode, Dr Gavin Nimon discusses the assessment of an ex marathon runner with groin pain with Associate Professor Peter Smitham. They discuss what could be expected from a medical student sitting an OSCE Exam,  and how to approach such a case in an outpatient setting.
In this episode, Dr Gavin Nimon and Associate Professor Peter Smitham discuss the approach to assessment, investigation and treatment of the case of a sudden onset of a painful knee in a 43 yo male particularly with what is expected in an OSCE scenario.
In this episode, Dr Gavin Nimon (Glenelg Orthopaedics) interviews Pain Specialist Dr Irina Hollington about the cause, assessment and treatment of chronic pain.
In this edition, Dr Gavin Nimon (Glenelg Orthopaedics) interviews 2 inspiring women, Isobel Marshall (Young Australian of the year) and Eloise Hall ( 40 under 40) who, whilst at high school, established a social enterprise company to address a social issue of period poverty in Australia and the developing world.
In this episode, Dr Gavin Nimon (Glenelg Orthopaedics), speaks to Dr Lane Hinchcliffe from the Health Hub Family GP Practice about issues affecting teenagers. He outlines the common scenarios that present, and his approach to them.
Dr Gavin Nimon ( Glenelg Orthopaedics) speaks to Dr Gayle Silveira about common foot and ankle conditions, to get an idea of common conditions and discusses her current approach for assessment and treatment.
(Orthopaedic Surgeon from Glenelg Orthopaedics) interviews Associate Professor Peter Smitham, Orthopaedic Surgeon from the Royal Adelaide Hospital, about his approach to hip arthritis and assessment of hip pain.
In this episode, Dr Gavin Nimon interviews Dr Vamsee Thalluri, Specialist in Reproductive Medicine and Infertility, about infertility, his approach to assessment, investigation and treatment.
In this episode, Dr Gavin Nimon interviews Dr Sam Whittle (Staff Specialist Rheumatologist) about the current thoughts about the diagnosis and treatment of these 2 non-inflammatory conditions.)
In this episode, Dr Gavin Nimon, following a question from his medical students, outlines why shoulder dislocations are so common and his approach to assessment and treatment.
In this episode, Dr Gavin Nimon interviews Physiotherapist James Schomburgk on his approach to the treatment of Back pain and strains. James presents the current evidence for varying treatments.
In this episode, Dr Gavin Nimon interviews Dr Christine Lai,  a specialist general surgeon with post-fellowship training in the subspecialty fields of breast and endocrine surgery, about the diagnosis, treatment, screening and the future of breast cancer.

In this episode, Dr Gavin Nimon interviews Dr Shaun Fowler (Radiologist of Fowler Simmons Radiology,  a specialist MSK imaging radiology practice) on the use of imaging in MSK conditions.
In this episode, Dr Gavin Nimon interviews Dr Cameron Singleton ( cardiologist and electrophysiological arrhythmia expert)  on atrial fibrillation.

In this episode, Dr Gavin Nimon interviews Professor Robyn Young from Flinders University, on the Autism Spectrum Disorders, nomenclature, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment and conditions it can mimic.
Dr Gavin Nimon  interviews Dr Yugesh Caplash, Plastic Surgeon, regarding the various skin cancer conditions, including diagnosis and treatment
In this episode, Dr Gavin Nimon interviews Dr Paul Hollington. general surgeon at Flinders Medical Centre regarding colorectal cancer, diagnosis, screening, treatment and prevention.
After a few week hiatus for medical school exams, Gavin Nimon interviews Dr Glen Benveniste, Vascular surgeon about his approach to aneuyrsms,  atherosclerosis and varicose veins.
Dr Gavin Nimon interviews Dr Marc Cesana ( head doctor Adelaide Football Club) on his approach to Osteitis Pubis,  Hamstring injuries and patella tendonitis, chondromalacia patellae.

In this episode Gavin Nimon interviews Dr Dan Spernat, ( ) Urologist specialising in treatment of prostate cancer about incidence, screening, diagnosis and treatment options.
In this episode, Gavin interviews Dr Sam Whittle, Staff  Specialist Rheumatologist and research fellow in living evidenced based algorithms, on his approach for the medical student and general practitioner on assessing a patient who may present with an inflammatory arthritis.
In this episode Dr Gavin Nimon discusses his approach to assessing patient’s presenting with a painful shoulder

Gavin Nimon interviews Dr Martin Bruening, senior lecturer at University of Adelaide and General Surgeon on the types of Hernias, and a pragmatic approach to assessing them from a student’s perspective.
Dr Gavin Nimon interviews Dr Nick Knight about the principles of General Anaesthesia, advantages of different methods of intubation and principles of airway maintenance.

In this podcast, Dr Gavin Nimon interviews Dr Sandy Craig, Gastroenterologist, about his approach to assessing jaundice.

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